Results of The 2nd International Symphony Orchestra Contest for Young Composers from the CIS countries and Eastern Europe named after Michal Kleofas Oginski

Published Date
Dear participants! 
We thank everyone for attention to our competition. We received applications from composers from Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Iran, Italy, Moldova, Peru, Portugal, Russia, USA. 
Following the results of the jury voting, following composers were chosen as winners: 
First Place - Keane Southard (USA) - "Titanium and Mercury" 
Second place - Dinis Kurbanov (Russia, Ural) - “Sarabanda” 
Third place - Michael Rotar (Moldova) - "Benim Topraam" (Symphony "My Land") 
Fourth Place - Gabriel Fernando Iwasaki Castillo (Peru) - “Scenes from the Andes: Cinematic Fantasy for Orchestra No. 5 ”
Special prizes and diplomas were given to following woks: 
First Diploma - Apollonio Maiello (Italy) - “Of Dust and vaniety” 
Second diploma - Bayaru Takshina (Russia, Altai) - "Ukok Plateau" 
Third Diploma - Soheil Shirangi (Iran) - "Sharhe" 
Special Prize - Anna Shatkovskaya (Russia, Moscow) - "Pandemic Symphony" 
Congratulations to the winners and many thanks for all participants. 
Wish you all the best!